Yesterday, today and tomorrow: ATAS starts its activity in 1965 with the production of some products, like hand-washing pasta, then neutral car shampoo, black for tires, cooling and de-waxing agents.  In the ‘70ies, ATAS starts its production of aerosols, like PENETRUS, DEG, FAVORAC, and the one that will become its “trump card”: PLAK, synonym of beauty, dashboard and car interior treatment - with an incredible success in many European countries.  In the ‘80ies, ATAS introduces many novelties in the cleansing field: new touch-less products are thrown into the market. 
ATAS plays a primary role in this field: it is the second company in Italy that proposes products like ECOBRIL, DECO, DIMER, and more recently DEMICAR, then again NAMAR, RIAL 2000, etc. – just to mention the most important ones.   
The ‘90ies mark the beginning of the exportations, and ATAS quality starts getting positive judgments and appreciations in many different countries, both in the car care and in the carwash field. A very important step for ATAS has been the building of a new productive premise to satisfy the progressive requests of products like aerosols, by reaching in 2010 the 8 millions of spray bottles produced. ATAS always and seriously invests in research to get environmental friendly products. In the past years, by quickly starting respecting the rules in force, ATAS removes from its formula the Freon, a gas dangerous for the ozone by containing chlorofluorocarbons; later – in the raw material field – ATAS abandons phenolic-based surfactants.
ATAS is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.  ATAS has got a widespread sale net – its own pride – on the whole Italian territory, and it is present in other 25 countries, in particular in the markets of Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal through the cooperation of more than 100 distributors. ATAS can provide its customers with more than 250 products, in different versions, for a total quantity of 1400/1800 tons per year.