Specific for cars, agricultural and industrial machines. High resistance to oil. High flexibility, does not ruin any lambda probe and catalysers. Resists to greasy agents, glycols, acids, gasoline, vapour and water. Typical uses: cylinder head seal, oil pan, tappet cover, exhauster manifold, gear case, differential gear cover, water pump, thermostat, hydraulic pipes and joints. Use instructions: apply onto clean and dry surfaces. Apply a uniform laye onto a surface. Wait for about 15/20 minutes before assembling pieces. Can be used together with preformed gaskets to improve their sealing properties. Expiring date: see the top of the packaging.que no contiene sales metálicas. Indicado también para mantener limpio el carburador. Repita el tratamiento cada 1500 Km echando el producto en el tanque antes del reabastecimiento.

Spray bottle 200 ml001291