Our story

Atas was founded by Augusto Tassini in the year 1965.

Thus Began the production of shampoo for car washes, antifreeze, rubber polishers, hand-washing dough, multipurpose cleaners, deodorants, and then, in the following years, enlarged to other formulations until today reach a range of over 300 products.

Like to remember to have, first in Italy in conjunction with a Venetian company, formulated the detergents that are used without sponging or brushing, which have been so successful and still have both in Italy and abroad.

The suggestions, advice and requests of customers, have always been the object of great interest of our Research and Development department, which has made it precious to design and realize the best products for the most varied applications in the field of the automotive industry.

A great attention and a completely automated production, have allowed to be able to produce a wide range of high quality formulations with reasonable and competitive prices, for the total satisfaction of the customers.

Our sales network is made up of distributors and dealers; Real partners with exclusive operating zones, to guarantee a capillary service, in close contact with the clientele that is served with visits and periodic deliveries.

Atas also operates on several foreign markets, with collaborators in over 40 European Countries, North Africa and the Middle East.

Our mission is the total Customer satisfaction; All the company's internal and external staff shares the same purpose and is committed to achieving this goal.

In 2015 Atas celebrated the 50 years of activity with an important and prestigious event attended by the collaborators and partners who have traveled this path together with the company.



We like to enphasize how Atas as a guarantee of its quality has obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

In the face of constant and daily commitment in the research of environmentally friendly raw materials and in the application of production processes and plant maintenance protocols in the global respect of the environment, the company has also received UNI EN ISO certification 14001:2015.

Quality and research

Never being satisfied; always searching for the best! ATAS main strength is never being satisfied, but working hard and making projects to create the best.

ATAS research is the answer to the demand of formulating high quality and interesting products for the customers by respecting the environment where they are used.

Our lab, where chemists and graduates are working hard, daily develops new formula to pursue this aim. The serious engagement in our job is constantly shown by the past steps that led us to many changes just to adequate our activity to the rules in force, and by the choice of specific raw materials, never due to a speculative attitude but to quality criteria and the aim to get a low environmental impact.


Our production

Various lines, their success follows the directives UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Our production is distributed on several lines, he goes to meet every need of various sectors:

  • line ATASCAR: products for the care and maintenance of the car
  • line ATASDET: professional cleaners for the transport sector

And also are produced:

  • line ATASCHEM: detergents for the community sector
  • line ATASMAC: products for the food industry

The company that has decades of experience, continuous development, is able to provide to those who approach it for a full face sure the market.



Glad to help protect and improve the environment and 'ongoing ISO 14001 certification in order to formalize our commitment to ecology and the environment that has been our guideline in the choices made ​​in many years.

As we remember the part about our history, we have scrupulously followed the rules eliminating various pollutants, such as Freon and phenolic surfactants.

We offer a line called "ECOTASS" which involves largely only the symbol "irritant" and is formulated with highly biodegradable surfactants of vegetable origin which guarantee a lower environmental impact.

To our internal treat wastewater treatment plant with biological, chemical and physical.