Based on high quality mono ethylene glycol with additive with an inhibitor package with 100% Silanized Organic Acid technology, it guarantees maximum protection from corrosion in the cooling circuits of the latest generation vehicles characterized by high operating temperatures and the greater presence of components in aluminum alloys and especially magnesium. It performs a high level of antifreeze, anti-evaporation, anti-corrosion and anti-limescale protection for the entire cooling circuit, extending the life of pumps, thermostats, ducts, gaskets, hoses and radiators. It guarantees excellent performance up to 250,000 km or 5 years of permanence in the cooling circuit. Another important fact is respect for the environment, in fact, containing about 20% of glycerin, it reduces CO2 emissions. It can be used in all seasons. It does not contain amines, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates (NAP free). Diluted to 50% by volume, it protects up to -38 ° C. Meets or exceeds the TL 774 J supply specifications of many car manufacturers.

Plastic bottle 1000 ml006337