High quality product based on monoethylene glycol with the addition of a special inhibitor package based on organs-carboxylate. It guarantees maximum protection from corrosion of all the components of the cooling circuit of the latest generation vehicles characterized by both higher operating temperatures and a greater presence of light alloy components (especially aluminum and magnesium alloys). It ensures excellent performance up to 250,000 km of mileage or 5 years of permanence in the cooling circuit. It reduces the formation of limestone deposits and improves heat exchange.
It can be used in all seasons. It does not contain amines, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates. Diluted to 50% by volume, it protects up to -38 ° C. It meets or exceeds the supply specifications of many manufacturers including: Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda (TL 774 G), Mercedes (MB325.3), Ford ESE M97B49-A), Renault (41-01- 001), Crysler (MS9176), Volvo (REG. N ° 260), Opel (GM QL 1 30100).

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